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How to make obstacle avoiding robot car with out microcontroller

It is simple robo car made with IR proximity sensor.

If IR sensor send signal to relay module then relay on and left motor stop ,robot turn left
Right motor connected to battery + & - so right motor always on

Parts list-
Bo gear motor 100 Rpm
IR proximity module
single channel relay module
plastic box
jumper wire
3 X AAA battery or 
4X rechargeable AAA battery
or LI -po battery 3.7V
wheel x2
castor wheel x1

please watch making video

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How to Make Electric Bike at Home

How to Make Electric Bike at Home
I make an electric bicycle with speedometer from brushed motor it can run 30 -25 km / charge & speed about 25km/h Lets start---
 Basic needs - 1 ) 24 v DC Geared motor (MY1016Z) 2) controller 24v 3) Throttle 24v 4) battery 12v X2 (14 amp) 5) Dual freewheel ( I make it own) 6) chain 7) wire 8) a bicycle etc---                                            24 v motor,controller & thortole 
Making videos on youtubepart 1 part 2 Full part Installing speedometer -
Making Dual Freewheel

I make dual freewheel from van rickshaw rear wheel hub.I cut some thread from it And joint two normal freewheels together
Fitting Motor & Battery

how to make 4x4x4 led cube using arduino

To make 4x4x4 led cube using arduino you need arduino uno or arduino nano 3.0

parts list -

Arduino uno or nano
Resistor 100 ohom x4
vero board ( doted or line )

header male   L shaped


& LED 64 piece defuse led any colour

Total making process  described in this video

Connection to arduino-

Download Arduino code

How to control light or fan using any IR remote (IC 4017)

using  this easy circuit you can use any IR remote like TV,DVD player to turn on & off

Parts List -

IC - CD 4017
IC - 7805 ( 5v regulator)

transistor - BC 548 B
                  BC 558

capacitor - 1000 mfd /16 v
                   100 mfd /16v


resistor - 330 ohom x2

IR sensor TSOP 1738 or TSOP 1838

Diode   -  1N4007

Realy 6v

vero board,wire,

Circuit Diagram --

Pin out of transistor ,IC, Relay & IR sensor

                                                     You tube video ---

Arduino password protected door lock system

It is a password protected door lock project using arduino
Press # for clear then press the password ( in my case it is 1234)
and press * (star) for confirm.
now servo motor on and door lock will open .after 5 sec it will automatically close.

Parts need-

arduino uno
4x4 Matrix  keyboard
servo motor
jumper wire
power bank or battery for power supply
bread board
normal door lock
resistor 220 ohms

Connection -

key pad pin            Arduino digital pin

      1             to              9  
      2             to              8
      3             to              7
      4             to              6
      5             to              5
      6             to              4
      7             to              3
       8            to              2

green led to arduino digital pin 11

red led to arduino digital pin 12

led ground via 220 ohom resistor

servo signal to arduino digital pin 13

                        Connection Diagram

Arduino code--

#include <Password.h> //http://pl…

Obstacle avoiding robot v2 using arduino

It is basic arduino robot project with simple code

Parts list-

L293D Motor driver module

HC hr 04 ultrasonic module

Arduino uno

Jumper wire

usb cable ( for power supply from power bank)

Power bank

2WD robot chassis
You can make chassis from this video


Hc 04 tring pin connect  to arduino digital pin - 12

Hc 04 echo pin connect  to arduino digital pin - 11

L293d motor driver input for left motor connect to arduino digital pin 2 &3

L293d motor driver input for right motor connect to arduino digital pin 4 &5

 power source of the project  is 5v from power bank

Download arduino code here 

after download open it with arduino Ide and upload to arduino uno board

Project Video-

How to make a graphical thermometer using arduino & nokia 5100 LCD

It is simple arduino  thermometer project

You Need--

Arduino UNO or any other arduino board

Nokia 5100 LCD Module

Analog Temperature sensor LM-35

Jumper wires

Bread board or vero board


here I use nokia  pcd 8544 - 1.4.3 library ( download library )

after add library You can get code in sample of 8544 library

                                               Schematic of this project

How to Decode any IR remote ( TV,DVD,AC any other)

Decoding IR remote

Using this tutorial you can decode any Ir remote Hex code.and we can apply it our project also like home automation,robot control etc.

You need-

Arduino Uno or any other arduino board

TSOP 1738 or 1838

small bread board

jumper wire

& for test a LED

At first you have to add a library ( Download from here)

after download unzip it & paste folder to arduino library folder

connect IR sensor to arduino like above  Schematic

Now upload first code to arduino

First code--

#include <IRremote.h>

int IRpin = 8;
IRrecv irrecv(IRpin);
decode_results results;

void setup()
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
void loop() 

  if (irrecv.decode(&results)) 
     Serial.println(results.value); // Print the Serial 'results.value'

     irrecv.resume();   // Receive the next value

After this press any key on remote ,Hex code will show on serial monitor

copy hex code of any key in your choice

Now upload sec…