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How to make obstacle avoiding robot car with out microcontroller

It is simple robo car made with IR proximity sensor.

If IR sensor send signal to relay module then relay on and left motor stop ,robot turn left
Right motor connected to battery + & - so right motor always on

Parts list-
Bo gear motor 100 Rpm
IR proximity module
single channel relay module
plastic box
jumper wire
3 X AAA battery or 
4X rechargeable AAA battery
or LI -po battery 3.7V
wheel x2
castor wheel x1

please watch making video

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Animated LED sign board without programming

It is an electronic project without programming or any micro controller
you can make your own customized word's led sing board using this circuit

in this project I have used shift resistor IC 74ls164 and IC 555 for animation.
you can make led board with 8  letter words

I make in my project "WELCOME " word it is 7 letter word.

All components of this project are available at

I will provide also buying link of parts witch I used.

Parts list - LED - 5mm    Buy
IC - 555              Buy
IC - 7805            Buy
IC - 74LS164     Buy

IC - ic base 8 pin   Buy
             14 pin       Buy

Diode - 1N4148      Buy
Transistor bc547 b
                or 548 b  Buy
Capacitor - 0.01     Buy
            10uf/50v    Buy

Potentiometer 100K Buy
Resistor - 10K           Buy
           1K                 Buy
           33K               Buy
          680E              Buy
DC socket                Buy

vero board               Buy

1. Making LED board
all led's positive &a…

How to make 293D dual motor driver module at home

Here I describe you how to make dual motor driver module for arduino ,Raspberry pi & other MCU usually we use this module to make Robot
I use Home made PCB witch is drawn by marker Pen But you can use Laser Printer & toner transfer  method.   Parts List :-
L 293D IC100 mf/25v - 2pcsResistor 220 ohm & 1K terminal block - 2pcsmale header pin Copper clad board 4X5cm & ferric chloride  or PCb etching powderLED red & green
Making PCB using marker pen-
  Make hole using PCB drill
                                           Draw this pattern on copper side using marker pen
Now sink it in ferric chloride solution  
If  you want to know more details please watch this video 
Making PCB using laser printer :- 
Save & Print this PCB layout on an A4 glossy photo paper using laser printer
Use toner transfer method for PCB etching  

Circuit diagram 

All components & connection 

watch video of this project

Easy IOT based home automation system using Blynk

It is a tutorial about Iot based home automation using Blynk

How it works : Here I make a customized circuit board to control 4 relays by esp8266 NodeMcu This circuit runs on DC 12 volt 1 amp power. when power on nodemcu connect to you router via WiFi & also connect with Blynk server
Your smart phone send command to Blynk server & Blynk cloud server send command to nodemcu . The D0,D2,D3,D4 pin of nodemcu became high or low then relay turn on or off connected Ac appliances.
You Need to make :Customized pcb ( I make pcb from They offer 10 PCBs in $2 Download gerber file from here & upload to jlcpcb website .build time 48 hours )Esp 8266 NodeMcu Lolin12v 1 amp power adapterIc 7805 - 1 pcsTransistor Bc 548b - 4 pcsResistors 10K - 4 pcs & 1K - 5pcsDiode IN4007 - 4pcsRelay 12V - 4pcsLed red - 1pcs & green - 4 pcsCapacitor 470uf/25V - 1pcsFemale Header connectorTerminal block - 4pcs Making :  we are using professional quality PCB so making is very eas…

Raspberry pi 3.5 inch LCD screen setup & install driver

This tutorial for beginner raspberry pi user .It is very easy way to install driver for 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD.

Before install driver You need A Raspberry pi 3B with raspbian OS because this Lcd screen works with only raspbian OS
1.FirstDownload Txt file from here
Save it to your raspberry pi desktop
2.Make sure you have internet connection on your Raspi

3.copy upper part of text from downloaded text file & paste it to terminal emulator

Now driver will install & Lcd turn on but HDMI will turn off

LCD & touch is working after automatic restart 
4.To turn off Lcd & active HDMI ,copy lower part text from Downloaded text file

paste it to terminal emulator .Now HDMI will active & Lcd turn off

This is full details video for installation driver

How to make simple Arduino clap switch

In this post I will describe how to make easy clap switch using arduino

you can on/off light or fan by clap

You need to make it -

Arduino UNOSound sensor moduleSingle channel relay moduleSome male,female jumper wireSmall bread boardAc bulb or Fan Connection diagram
Connection of relay module with a/c

Relay & sound sensor's
VCC will connect to Arduino 5 V GND will connect to Arduino GND
Soun sensor out pin connect to Arduino pin 6 Relay module's input Pin connect to Arduino pin7
Download code for arduino from here 

Watch making video of this project

Cell phone detector or EMF detector circuit

It is a very simple cellphone detector circuit designed using IC LM 324 op-amp

it can also detect EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequency )

Parts list -

IC lm 324 ( 14pin)1k - 3 pcs resistor470k resistor10k presetDiode IN4148 - 2 pcsBC548b transistor470pf ceramic capacitorVeroboard or Breadboardwire9v battery                                                                   Transistor & IC pins

                                                 Circuit diagram of emf detector
The circuit on vero board

                                                        Project making video

Connection & wiring of 24 v electric bi -cycle By Techno review 85

In this post I want to describe How to connect all parts like brushed motor,
throttle brake light, ignition switch via controller

It is very easy to wiring e bike parts

About Parts you need to make  & all details about electric bi - cycle Click here 

You have to use a motor controller ( in my bike I used 24 volt controller)

There are lots of wires coming out form the controller .we have to connect those wires to motor,battery,throttle,break ( optional) & ignition switch

It is full wiring diagram of ebike

Some important  Use 4mm wire to connect batteryTo use LED as indicator must use a resistor with LEDFor ignition switch you can use Mofet ignition switchUse good quality parts & wireIf you do not have much knowledge about electronics , then take a professional help