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How to make vibration electric comb

it is tutorial for make a vibration comb with easy house hold items

parts need
dc motor
big comb
2xaa battery
6 amp tube light connector ( watch video)
glue,wire ,etc

How to make money printer magic machine

It is a tutorial video to make money printer magic machine .i use non expensive house hold items to
make it

  watch this tutorial video

How to make 1.5v to 12 v battery eliminator

It is tutorial to make versatile power supply or battery eliminator

you can use any voltage between 1.25 to 12 v by adjust controller

parts list  -

12 - 0 - 12 transformer

2x 1N4007 diode

2200mfd /25 v condencer

Ic LM317

240 ohm resistor

10 k variable resistor ( volume control)

10 mfd /25v condencer

vero board


ac main cord


make a 12v dc power supply and joint it with a voltage regulator circuit

12 v power supply circuit diagram

this is making video

How to make mobile / tablet stand at home

It is tutorial video to make simple mobile stand 

How to make blade less Hot air fan at home

air multiplier science project 

I use a mobile phone box, 6 v dc motor, 9 v battery, nichrome wire,
two switches  and some household items.

9 v battery eliminator is best for long time use.

Please watch this video to make it at home


It is best ,easy  project for school students

for more project idea,life hack,experiments please subcribe

if any problem to make this please comment