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How to Make Electric Bike at Home

How to Make Electric Bike at Home ( Techno Review 85)
I make an electric bicycle with speedometer from brushed motor it can run 30 -25 km / charge & speed about 25km/h Lets start---
 Basic needs - 1 ) 24 v DC Geared motor (MY1016Z) 2) controller 24v 3) Throttle 24v 4) battery 12v X2 (14 amp) 5) Dual freewheel ( I make it own) 6) chain 7) wire 8) a bicycle etc---                                            24 v motor,controller & thortole 
Making videos on youtubepart 1 part 2 Full part Installing speedometer -
Making Dual Freewheel

I make dual freewheel from van rickshaw rear wheel hub.I cut some thread from it And joint two normal freewheels together
Fitting Motor & Battery