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Connection & wiring of 24 v electric bi -cycle By Techno review 85

In this post I want to describe How to connect all parts like brushed motor,
throttle brake light, ignition switch via controller

It is very easy to wiring e bike parts

About Parts you need to make  & all details about electric bi - cycle Click here 

You have to use a motor controller ( in my bike I used 24 volt controller)

There are lots of wires coming out form the controller .we have to connect those wires to motor,battery,throttle,break ( optional) & ignition switch

It is full wiring diagram of ebike

Some important  Use 4mm wire to connect batteryTo use LED as indicator must use a resistor with LEDFor ignition switch you can use Mofet ignition switchUse good quality parts & wireIf you do not have much knowledge about electronics , then take a professional help

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