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Connection & wiring of 24 v electric bi -cycle By Techno review 85

In this post I want to describe How to connect all parts like brushed motor,
throttle brake light, ignition switch via controller

It is very easy to wiring e bike parts

About Parts you need to make  & all details about electric bi - cycle Click here 

You have to use a motor controller ( in my bike I used 24 volt controller)

There are lots of wires coming out form the controller .we have to connect those wires to motor,battery,throttle,break ( optional) & ignition switch

It is full wiring diagram of ebike

Some important 
  1. Use 4mm wire to connect battery
  2. To use LED as indicator must use a resistor with LED
  3. For ignition switch you can use Mofet ignition switch
  4. Use good quality parts & wire
  5. If you do not have much knowledge about electronics , then take a professional help


  1. If we use 48v current to run the controller of 24v
    Is it runs means if we add double it gives as gud running time plz reply

  2. What is the cost of this kit plus reply


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