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Easy IOT based home automation system using Blynk

It is a tutorial about Iot based home automation using Blynk

How it works : Here I make a customized circuit board to control 4 relays by esp8266 NodeMcu This circuit runs on DC 12 volt 1 amp power. when power on nodemcu connect to you router via WiFi & also connect with Blynk server
Your smart phone send command to Blynk server & Blynk cloud server send command to nodemcu . The D0,D2,D3,D4 pin of nodemcu became high or low then relay turn on or off connected Ac appliances.
You Need to make :Customized pcb ( I make pcb from They offer 10 PCBs in $2 Download gerber file from here & upload to jlcpcb website .build time 48 hours )Esp 8266 NodeMcu Lolin12v 1 amp power adapterIc 7805 - 1 pcsTransistor Bc 548b - 4 pcsResistors 10K - 4 pcs & 1K - 5pcsDiode IN4007 - 4pcsRelay 12V - 4pcsLed red - 1pcs & green - 4 pcsCapacitor 470uf/25V - 1pcsFemale Header connectorTerminal block - 4pcs Making :  we are using professional quality PCB so making is very eas…

Raspberry pi 3.5 inch LCD screen setup & install driver

This tutorial for beginner raspberry pi user .It is very easy way to install driver for 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD.

Before install driver You need A Raspberry pi 3B with raspbian OS because this Lcd screen works with only raspbian OS
1.FirstDownload Txt file from here
Save it to your raspberry pi desktop
2.Make sure you have internet connection on your Raspi

3.copy upper part of text from downloaded text file & paste it to terminal emulator

Now driver will install & Lcd turn on but HDMI will turn off

LCD & touch is working after automatic restart 
4.To turn off Lcd & active HDMI ,copy lower part text from Downloaded text file

paste it to terminal emulator .Now HDMI will active & Lcd turn off

This is full details video for installation driver