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Light On & off with smartphone using Arduino UNO

Hello guys In this article I am going to tell you how you can make an easy smartphone-controlled Home Automation system. It is a very easy way to build this project. You need hardware to make:-  Arduino Uno HC -05 Bluetooth Module Single-Channel Relay module AC bulb, Wire, Plug 9-volt battery Or AC to DC power supply You need software to Run:- Arduino IDE ( for upload code to Arduino UNO) Project  code ( Download Arduino code from here ) Remote XY library ( you have to install remote xy library in Arduino IDE) Download Remote Xy android app from play store Connection Arduino Digital pin 3 to HC 05 Bluetooth module RX Arduino Digital pin 2 to HC 05 Bluetooth module TX Arduino  5v to HC 05 Bluetooth module VCC Arduino  gnd to HC 05 Bluetooth module gnd Arduino Digital pin 13 to Relay module signal in pin Arduino vin to Relay module vcc pin Arduino gnd to Relay module gnd pin Important :- Dont touch the circuit when Ac is connecte

How to make a spy camera using ESP-32 cam module

In this post, I am going to describe  how to make a very small spy camera with new low price development board ESP-32 cam. This cam module has a powerful esp32 chip, A micro SD card slot & a 2 MP camera. and you can program it using Arduino IDE How it works - When gpio 13 connect to gnd the camera module will take a photo & save it to Micro sd card. You need to make -  ESP32 cam module Small Vero board  Push Switch  Micro On-Off switch 10 K resistor 3.7 volt rechargeable battery Male / Female header pins  wire SD card A small box ( optional )  Circuit Diagram of this project After completed the connections upload the code to ESP32 cam using arduino IDE Download code from here  It may help you     How to program ESP 32 Cam module  

How to make radar using Arduino uno & processing IDE

It is simple radar project using Arduino you need to make it .Arduino UNO 9G micro servo motor  Ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04 Bread board jumper wire  Download code & pde file from here Download processing IDE from here Connection- HC-sr04 Trig pin connect to Arduino Digital pin - D10 HC-sr04 Echo pin connect to Arduino Digital pin - D11 vcc to arduino 5V Gnd to Arduino Gnd Servo signal pin to Arduino Digital pin -D12 vcc to arduino 5V Gnd to Arduino Gnd After download file unzip it upload radar.ino file to Arduino using arduino IDE open radar.pde file using processing IDE change com port to your own com port witch is connected to Arduino UNO change resolution as per your computer resolution Now Run it Video of this project

How to make mini CNC plotter using old DVD drive

It is a guide for making mini CNC plotter using old DVD drive stepper motor this machine can print up-to 40mm X 40mm I used here arduino nano & 2 piece  L293 dual motor driver IC as stepper motor driver The Pen mechanism of mini cnc collected also from old DVD driver (drawer part) For graphical user interface I have used a simple free Chrome extension named "Gcode sender" Download Gcode sender from here You need hardware  Old Dvd drive - 2piece ply wood 6X8 inch - 2piece Arduino nano 9g micro servo motor  vero board IC L293D - 2piece Male , Female header pins Terminal block LED 220 ohm resistor wire   Nut & screw   Assembling Hardware  First take out stepper motor from old DVD This video can help you  Mark on plywood for fit stepper motor mechanism & drill on mark. joint two ply wood like "L" using small piece of metal clamp  solder 4 wire on stepper motor connector points  Now fit stepper motor mec

Animated LED sign board without programming

It is an electronic project without programming or any micro controller you can make your own customized word's led sing board using this circuit in this project I have used shift resistor IC 74ls164 and IC 555 for animation. you can make led board with 8  letter words I make in my project "WELCOME " word it is 7 letter word. All components of this project are available at I will provide also buying link of parts witch I used. Parts list - LED - 5mm    Buy IC - 555              Buy IC - 7805            Buy IC - 74LS164      Buy IC - ic base 8 pin    Buy              14 pin       Buy Diode - 1N4148      Buy Transistor bc547 b                 or 548 b  Buy Capacitor - 0.01      Buy             10uf/50v    Buy Potentiometer 100K Buy Resistor - 10K            Buy            1K                 Buy            33K                Buy           680E              Buy DC socket                Buy vero board                Buy

How to make 293D dual motor driver module at home

Here I describe you how to make dual motor driver module for arduino ,Raspberry pi & other MCU usually we use this module to make Robot I use Home made PCB witch is drawn by marker Pen But you can use Laser Printer & toner transfer  method.     Parts List :- L 293D IC 100 mf/25v - 2pcs Resistor 220 ohm & 1K  terminal block - 2pcs male header pin  Copper clad board 4X5cm & ferric chloride  or PCb etching powder LED red & green Making PCB using marker pen-   Make hole using PCB drill                                            Draw this pattern on copper side using marker pen Now sink it in ferric chloride solution   If  you want to know more details please watch this video  Making PCB using laser printer :-  Save & Print this PCB layout on an A4 glossy photo paper using laser printer Use toner transfer method for PCB etching   Circuit diagram  All components & connection 

Easy IOT based home automation system using Blynk

It is a tutorial about Iot based home automation using Blynk How it works : Here I make a customized circuit board to control 4 relays by esp8266 NodeMcu This circuit runs on DC 12 volt 1 amp power. when power on nodemcu connect to you router via WiFi & also connect with Blynk server Your smart phone send command to Blynk server & Blynk cloud server send command to nodemcu . The D0,D2,D3,D4 pin of nodemcu became high or low then relay turn on or off connected Ac appliances. You Need to make : Customized pcb ( I make pcb from  They offer 10 PCBs in $2 Download gerber file from here & upload to jlcpcb website .build time 48 hours ) Esp 8266 NodeMcu Lolin 12v 1 amp power adapter Ic 7805 - 1 pcs Transistor Bc 548b - 4 pcs Resistors 10K - 4 pcs & 1K - 5pcs Diode IN4007 - 4pcs Relay 12V - 4pcs Led red - 1pcs & green - 4 pcs Capacitor 470uf/25V - 1pcs Female Header connector Terminal block - 4pcs Making :