Saturday, July 29, 2017

Obstacle avoiding robot v2 using arduino

It is basic arduino robot project with simple code

Parts list-

L293D Motor driver module

HC hr 04 ultrasonic module

Arduino uno

Jumper wire

usb cable ( for power supply from power bank)

Power bank

2WD robot chassis
You can make chassis from this video


Hc 04 tring pin connect  to arduino digital pin - 12

Hc 04 echo pin connect  to arduino digital pin - 11

L293d motor driver input for left motor connect to arduino digital pin 2 &3

L293d motor driver input for right motor connect to arduino digital pin 4 &5

 power source of the project  is 5v from power bank

Download arduino code here 

after download open it with arduino Ide and upload to arduino uno board

Project Video-

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